You arrive at a nondescript black door with a green light...

You arrive at a nondescript black door with a green light...

You knock. The door slowly swings open and you're invited in...

Welcome to Stash House

Your group has been invited to a seemingly-normal Koreatown apartment owned by a local entrepreneur to discuss a business opportunity.

Shortly after arriving, you discover the apartment belongs to Ray Jones, notorious Los Angeles drug kingpin, and that Ray has a test in store for you: find all the drugs hidden in the space and flush them before the cops arrive or face the consequences.

Stash House is an hour-long escape experience that explores the dark underbelly of crime in Los Angeles. Does your crew have what it takes to pass the test?

Frequently Asked Questions

Fo sho. It's basically a real-life video game where you solve puzzles and challenges in a space with your team of friends or co-workers before the time runs out. -Ray
I'm not in the business of making things easy or bringing fools onto my crew, so Stash House is built to challenge. But word on the street is there is someone on the inside who can help you when the going gets rough. -Ray
Nah. Nothing's going to be jumping out at you. -Ray
Youngins under 18 needs permission from a parent or legal guardian and groups of youngins need an adult present at all times to keep 'em in line. But before you go planning that birthday party for little Suzie, you may want to think about content... -Ray
If Stash House were a movie, it'd be rated PG-13 for language, adult themes, implied violence, and drug references. If you let your children play Grand Theft Auto or watch Game of Thrones, then Stash House is the least of your worries. -Ray
Nah. You're free to go at any time, but you may not want to... there could be consequences. -Ray
You get sixty minutes to explore Stash House, but with all the bells n'whistles that happen before and after, the whole experience should take around seventy-five minutes. -Ray
In a bustlin' metropolis like LA, I get it distractions come up, so I have a ten minute buffer for late comers. Arrive after that, and the game may start without you or your timeslot may be forfeited without a refund. -Ray
Don't you sweat it, boo. With a 24-hour notice, I'll hook you up with another time to visit Stash House. Anything less than that and you might be SOL. -Ray
Stash House is best experienced as a group of 6-8, but I get that crews come in all sizes, so you can play with as few as 4 or as many as 10. Anything outside of that isn't recommended, but if you insist, give me a shout and I'll see what I can do. -Ray
Stash House offers private bookings meaning only your crew will be playing, but public will occasionally be offered that allow you to purchase tickets individually and play with strangers. Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet! -Ray
Fellow entrepreneurs are welcome! Stash House is designed specifically for people to work cooperatively, so it's a perfect tool for co-workers and corporate team building. Maybe I'll even take bets on who will win... HR or accounting? -Ray
Ktown is a busy metropolitan area where parking can be whack. Ride sharing apps like Uber or Lyft and the Metro (SH is just a few blocks north of purple line Western/Wilshire station) are highly recommended. If you're in a car, there's a mix of neighborhood parking, one-hour meters, and various time-restricted spots, but it's awfully competitive at times, so good luck. -Ray
Never heard of 'em. I prefer to do my wheeling and dealing with my VIP client list, so subscribe for email updates before you miss out. -Ray
Street Baptism was an immersive and interactive three-chapter experience that allowed guests to experience the three most important days of my life. I'll be remounting a bigger and more badass version, including a new chapter, in 2018. -Ray

The Crew

Stash House was created by Los Angeles-based filmmakers Don DeLeon and Tommy Honton. Writing together since 2009, Don and Tommy wanted to bring their story-telling sensibilities and knack for interesting twists to the escape room world. In 2015, Don and Tommy became acquainted with local businessman and entrepreneur Ray Jones who invited them into his organization with an offer they couldn't refuse. With his help, Stash House was born.
Ray Jones
Ray Jones
Don DeLeon
Don DeLeon
Tommy Honton
Tommy Honton